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Trekkie dating tosh o

Furries have a slight preference for pornographic furry artwork over non-pornographic artwork.17.1% of males reported that when they viewed pornography it is exclusively or near-exclusively furry pornography, and only about 5% reported that pornography was the top factor which got them into the fandom.Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes.

Sufficient interest and membership has enabled the creation of many furry conventions in North America and Europe.

During the 1980s, furry fans began to publish fanzines, developing a diverse social group that eventually began to schedule social gatherings.

By 1989, there was sufficient interest to stage the first furry convention.

A furry convention is for the fans get together to buy and sell artwork, participate in workshops, wear costumes, and socialize.

is no longer held; Califur has replaced it, as both conventions were based in Southern California.

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A survey conducted in 2007 suggested that, when compared with a non-furry control group, a higher proportion of those self-identifying as furries liked cartoons "a great deal" as children and recalled watching them significantly more often, as well as being more likely to enjoy works of science fiction than those outside of the community.

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